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Epidural Injections in Marble Falls

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Shaw Pain Clinic uses epidural injections as part of our non-invasive treatments to reduce injury or chronic pain in Marble Falls. When performing an epidural injection, we deliver the medicine directly into the protective layer that covers your spinal cord. Our whole-body approach to care helps us focus on a specific treatment method or a combination of various medical services we offer. We can also be part of your health team to coordinate care with your primary physician or if you need to see a specialist.

No matter what treatment plan we design for you, our staff members provide you with all the necessary information and address any concerns you may have. Our office is open Monday through Thursday from 8am to 5pm, and on Friday from 8am to 12pm. We offer payment plans to make treatments more accessible and our team speaks English and Spanish.

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What Conditions Epidural Injections Can Treat

Epidural injections can help with a variety of conditions such as:

  • Herniated or slipped discs
  • Sciatica
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Thickening ligaments due to spinal arthritis
  • Postherpetic neuralgia
  • Joint cysts
  • Bone spurs

Epidural injections can alleviate back, arm, or leg pains caused by inflammation in your spinal nerves. This treatment can prevent needing surgery or be an effective option for pain management while planning your surgery.

What Happens During an Epidural Injection Procedure?

This is an outpatient procedure that generally only requires a local anesthetic, although you may request a mild sedative when we discuss how the treatment works during earlier appointments. We will also go over your current medications and determine if you need to make any adjustments for the day of the procedure.

You will usually lie prone during the 10 to 20 minutes the injection requires. We also inject you with a contrast dye and use x-rays to perform the epidural injection in the precise location we are treating. Once we have completed the injection, we will monitor you for a short while before discharging you.

You can usually resume your normal activities on the following day. You should experience pain relief within one to three days and steroids can take up to ten days to become effective. The results can last up to several months depending on your situation. We will determine how often you should get epidural injections for your well-being. We can recommend this type of treatment up to four times a year, and for chronic conditions injections generally occur with three to six months between sessions.

Shaw Pain Clinic uses epidural injections as part of our pain management solutions in Marble Falls. Contact us today at (830) 220-5007 to schedule an appointment!

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  • “Dr. Shaw is the best pain management doctor I've ever had. I have severe arthritis in my back and he has helped me so much for the past 5 years with pain. I would highly recommend him. He takes time with each patients and truly cares. Thanks to you.”

    - Debra A.
  • “Best pain management doctor I’ve used. He really cares & helps manage my pain. Office staff is the best.”

    - Janis S.
  • “Dr Shaw is a Star. He spent a great deal of time with me on first visit. Dr. Shaw is magic. I recommend him most highly.”

    - Sherrill W.
  • “Dr. Shaw has been taking care of my mom for years. She has advanced RA and has dealt with severe pain for much of her adult life. Dr. Shaw is the first doctor to actually listen and come up with ways for my mom to improve her life. He is simply the best!”

    - Mohan P.
  • “Amazing doctor and lovely staff, very professional and polite. Dr. Shaw is doing everything he can to help me avoid needing spinal surgery, as well as getting off (and not needing) pain killers.”

    - David F.
  • “I have been a patient of Dr Jerod K. Shaw for several years. He and his staff are one of the most professional, courteous and friendly medical professionals that I have been to. I highly recommend him to any looking for a pain management specialist.”

    - Jacqueline J.
  • “Although I’m a former patient, I feel compelled to leave this review in hopes of encouraging those who are searching for a doctor who values integrity and compassion. Dr. Shaw is an exceptional doctor. Dr. Shaw is informed and articulate.”

    - S. F.

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