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Seeking Christ Throughout the Week

Shaw Pain Clinic’s Chief Operations Officer, Donna Shaw, created Weakday Ministries as part of her church work. She understands how focusing on Jesus Christ can be challenging with busy schedules and other life struggles. To support others in nurturing their relationships to Christ, Weakday Ministries offers various fellowship and worshipping opportunities during the week in Marble Falls and nearby locations. Pastor Shaw and the rest of the ministry’s staff bring their experience and commitment to Christ to share the love of Christ with all who seek it.

Weakday Ministries invites Christ into our daily life throughout the week. Call us today at 830-262-0692.

Finding Faith in Our Ordinary Life

With demanding schedules and responsibilities that can overlap into the weekend, individuals and families may not always be able to attend Sunday worships or other weekend-scheduled church activities. This is why Pastor Shaw and other dedicated followers of Christ created Weakday Ministries. We seek to help one another find Christ in our weaker moments when we may struggle to keep up with our calendar and juggle work and loved ones.

With seven active ministries and 50 volunteers, Weakday Ministries comes to meet you where you are at during the week, whether it is at work, school, or home. Our goal is to grow closer to Jesus Christ as we carry on with our day-to-day life.

Marble Falls Opportunities to Grow Strong in Christ

Weakday Ministries can meet you at work, we can bring lunch before sharing a devotion and a prayer with and for you and/or your business. Our community also comes together for His Hands Clothing Ministry where we provide clothing to local schoolchildren in need. The Ministry’s God Squad also helps our neighbors who need access support for groceries and other necessities.

Our ministry also shares a weekly video series where local community leaders discuss a specific Jesus-related theme each month. Finding times and places where to meet you so we can grow stronger in Christ together is our goal, whether it is an early morning devotional or a family night during the week.

If you are looking to connect with fellow Christians in Marble Falls, contact Weakday Ministries today at 830-262-0692.

Real People. Real Stories.

Reviews Full of Hope & Regaining Function.

  • “Dr. Shaw is the best pain management doctor I've ever had. I have severe arthritis in my back and he has helped me so much for the past 5 years with pain. I would highly recommend him. He takes time with each patients and truly cares. Thanks to you.”

    - Debra A.
  • “Best pain management doctor I’ve used. He really cares & helps manage my pain. Office staff is the best.”

    - Janis S.
  • “Dr Shaw is a Star. He spent a great deal of time with me on first visit. Dr. Shaw is magic. I recommend him most highly.”

    - Sherrill W.
  • “Dr. Shaw has been taking care of my mom for years. She has advanced RA and has dealt with severe pain for much of her adult life. Dr. Shaw is the first doctor to actually listen and come up with ways for my mom to improve her life. He is simply the best!”

    - Mohan P.
  • “Amazing doctor and lovely staff, very professional and polite. Dr. Shaw is doing everything he can to help me avoid needing spinal surgery, as well as getting off (and not needing) pain killers.”

    - David F.
  • “I have been a patient of Dr Jerod K. Shaw for several years. He and his staff are one of the most professional, courteous and friendly medical professionals that I have been to. I highly recommend him to any looking for a pain management specialist.”

    - Jacqueline J.
  • “Although I’m a former patient, I feel compelled to leave this review in hopes of encouraging those who are searching for a doctor who values integrity and compassion. Dr. Shaw is an exceptional doctor. Dr. Shaw is informed and articulate.”

    - S. F.

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